Within Reach of Restaurant Row

About two weeks ago I moved to the end of North Carrollton, just beyond our “Restaurant Row.” Even in the short time since then, I have begun to sense the almost gravitational pull that these restaurants have on me. As I pass by this area everyday (often twice a day!), I find myself making plans to eat, eat, and eat some more. And why not, with the variety I have to choose from?

I’ve begun to mentally catalogue a list of meals and where I might get them from. I’ve even put forth the effort to make time for breakfast at Taqueria Guerrero, and I am one of those people who blatantly refuses breakfast. Yummy Yummy has become one of my favorites for on the go, and Angelo Brocato’s is simply great at any time of day!

Fortunately, I have been informed that it is not just I who am tempted by such goodness. Friends of mine from St. Charles to South Carrollton to North Carrollton all seem to enjoy the convenience of having such an array of restaurants. My theory: It’s either a really good thing or a really bad thing to have this much food so easily within reach. For me, it’s the former.

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